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Letting your Property

Marlborough's lettings department works proactively to find the best quality tenants and achieve the best possible rents and terms for landlords, but at the same time we are careful to do everything in our power to protect our landlords' investments and our tenants' well-being through the stringent lettings and compliance processes.

Our experienced, qualified letting & management team are experts in Hull's lettings market and always up-to-date with the changes in legislation which continue to affect our clients. We ensure that we provide all the guidance and advice necessary for keeping both landlords and tenants protected.

The decision to rent your home is a big step, as is buying and renting any type of investment property. Crucial to the success of your venture will be obtaining and following the best advice from a reputable Agent. Marlborough can save you lots of time and give you the best chance of establishing a long and enduring tenancy with dependable, good quality tenants. We may also suggest things that you otherwise wouldn't have thought of.

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A few notes and a bit of advice

Before you begin the letting process you should be thoroughly prepared. There is a fair bit to do and plenty to think about before inviting prospective tenants through the door. First impressions count for a lot so it's vital that your home looks its best. Maintaining the property in good condition for all of your viewings will give you a good chance of achieving the best possible rental price. So, what preparations should you make?

The first view that tenants will have of your property is the outside, so it is a good idea to focus on making the most of the external appearance. People can be put off before they step inside if the property appears to be dirty or poorly maintained. Once through the front door, think about creating more space by moving some furniture into storage, tidying away or removing unnecessary objects, books and knick-knacks and clearing out cupboards and wardrobes of non-essential items. Make any minor repairs, clean thoroughly and redecorate rooms if required remembering that a lick of paint can really lift a drab room.

Once the property is ready to go, give some thought to the type of accommodation that you have and how you are going to let it out.

How will it be advertised? Will you let the whole property to one tenant (or a family), or will you let individual rooms to a number of different tenants? Who will the property be targeted towards? Do you have an indication of the running costs of your property - council tax, utility bills, telephone & the internet? This information will be useful to prospective tenants in advance of them committing to a tenancy. What are your circumstances? Are you living nearby or far away and will you have sufficient spare time to carry out landlords duties?

There are a number of organisations that you may need to consult before you start renting. Your mortgage lender, your insurance company, your freeholder (if you have one) and your accountant (there will be tax implications if you profit from the rental process).

These pointers serve to emphasise that you should not underestimate the work involved in successful residential letting.

Why let your property though Marlborough?

Marlborough have helped people to rent properties for more than 30 years, so we have been here many times before. We are ideally placed to guide you through the rental process from the preparation of the property, viewings, advertising, negotiation and the all-important referencing procedures. Once the right tenant is found, we will take care of everything relating to the establishment of the tenancy on your behalf.

Local knowledge

Providing advice on property investment is a big part of what we do. Having an ear close to the ground and monitoring fluctuations in property prices and rental values is critical if an investment buyer is to get best value from their buy-to-let purchase.

We have access to a wide range of investment options and can advise on the relative merits and risks associated with different types of purchase and the relative rewards.

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Marlborough Lettings Package

Our package includes:

  • An initial inspection of the property and a rental assessment
  • Advice on any remedial works in advance of letting
  • Advice on certification required to enable the property to be let legitimately
  • The provision of a 'To Let' marketing board for display externally
  • The circulation of property details through our offices and the internet
  • The option of accompanied viewings with prospective tenants
  • Outsourced referencing by a qualified referencing body
  • The preparation of Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreements
  • The preparation of a standing order mandate into your bank account
  • Optional rent guarantees and legal protection

To get the ball rolling, why not make use of our Free Consultation Service. We would love the opportunity to meet with you at your property, conduct a rental evaluation and arrange a lettings package designed to fit your requirements.