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Investment Property Resale

When it comes to selling your investment property or portfolio we can help you to obtain the maximum price, with the minimum amount of stress.

At some of point along the investment journey, you may want to sell your interest in a property to realise the capital growth. Deciding on the best time to cash in on your asset can be a lot of work for an individual who is not involved with property matters day to day. Keeping yourself constantly updated with the local market and your property's place within it, is a time sapping endeavour and something that we are ideally placed to help you with.

We are here to oversee the entire process for you in order to achieve the best result.


Exit Strategy

So we know that the exit strategy is crucial and that this is something that Marlborough are able to provide advice on at various points through your period of ownership.

Our property consultants will identify the optimum timing for your exit providing information as to the best time to sell.

It may be that you wish to sell the house as an investment with a tenant in situ. This is a legitimate sales method and can work well for all parties. We have lots of experience negotiating with investment buyers in all circumstances and can utilise this expertise to your advantage whilst offering very competitive terms.

We deal with investment clients every day and have a reputation for effectively sourcing properties depending upon a buyer's individual requirements. This expanding network of buyers is an invaluable resource for those looking to sell and provides us with a head start when a new property is introduced.

Property Sourcing

Our investors all have different requirements. An important factor in matching a client with a property is determining the level of risk or rental yield required.

Once we have established a buyer's investment strategy then we can make recommendations on the property type and location that would best suit their purposes.

We can arrange viewings or alternatively supply specific, detailed property assessments remotely. Our search will cover properties across the whole of the city.

Unlike some other Agencies we will not charge for sourcing. This is a complimentary service designed to build our lettings portfolio. We are confident that once a business relationship is established, then you will allow us to provide either a lettings or management service for you in the future.